Your car is a reflection on you.
Let us make you both shine...inside & out!

Why Recondition?

More than just washing or even waxing your vehicle, a full reconditioning deep-cleans and refinishes every surface, inside & out, from the weave of the carpet and upholstery to the grain of the leather and gloss of the paint and even the motor and engine compartment. Your vehicle will come back to you not just clean, but restored to showroom condition.

Auto depreciation can be staggering. Maintaining your car's appearance is as crucial to its lasting value as regular mechanical checkups and repairs. At trade-in time, you'll get a lot more for a car that not only runs well, but looks great.

The Reconditioning Department at Autohaus Lancaster offers a multitude of services ranging from a simple cleaning to interior/exterior restoration and full preventative and protection packages. Our goal is to help you preserve your vehicle's cosmetic integrity for the lifetime of your ownership. We are committed to providing you with quality service for a reasonable cost. Please call us soon for an appointment. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Recon Levels
Level 1 Detail: Only $99

•    Wash vehicle & chamois dry
•    Clean windows, doors & door jams
•    Clean & vacuum interior
•    Apply protectant & vinyl dressing
•    Apply exterior rubber dressing

Level 2 Detail: Only $189
• All of the Above PLUS
• Buff paint to remove dead pigment
• One coat of hand-rubbed wax
• Clean trunk compartment
• Steam clean & chemically degrease engine

Add Xzilon® Protection
Only $100 with Level 2

Paint Protection against damage to exterior painted surfaces including spoilers, bumpers, trim areas, hinges and side-view mirrors, caused by weather-induced fading or loss of gloss, oxidation, hard water etching, industrial fallout, bird droppings, insects (including love bugs), tree sap, road salt, de-icing agents such as liquid or dry magnesium and/or calcium chloride, sand abrasion, acid rain and accidental paint overspray.

Fabric, Vinyl & Leather protection against fading, cracking, loose seam stitching, permanent staining to interior surfaces, including original floor mats and original trunk and/or cargo area carpet, caused by food, drink, ink, dye, lipstick, makeup, crayons, urine, blood, vomit, pets, chewing gum or oil-based stains; additional vinyl/leather protection against weather-induced or ultraviolet-induced weakening of the vinyl/leather surfaces resulting in punctures less than 1/4" in diameter or rips or tears less than 1."

Additional Services

Interior Repair
Leather or cloth upholstery repairs are custom-tailored by our trained staff, who handle everything from minor sewing to complete re-installation.

Headlight Polishing
We'll buff you lights to remove yellowing & micro-abrasions, restoring your lights to like-new brightness for added looks and safety.

Wheel Repair
From taking chips out of your rims to making them round again, we'll make your wheels good as new, quickly, conveniently, for less.

Paintless Dent Repair
Our skilled technicians can literally massage minor dings and dents back out of your car's finish. Average repairs usually only take 10 - 20 minutes!

Glass Repair
Our technicians can repair or replace entire windshields, including built-in defrosters & radio antennae. Side & rear glass, too!

• Stopping in for service? Request a full detail!
• All new 6-bay Recon Facility
• Factory-Trained Technicians
• We work with all insurance companies